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LMFAO Are Complete Pros

In 2012, the hottest track of the summer was LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. And we had tapped the (uncle) Redfoo and (nephew) SkyBlu to host the Much Music Video Awards. (Yes, they are related. The son and grandson of the legendary Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records).

The shoot was in Detroit at the MGM Grand. I ran the numbers and figured out it would be cheaper to rent a stretched Hummer for our crew rather than flights or busses. It also felt exactly the right amount of absurd as we crossed the border.

During a break in filming and while we set up for the next shot, one of my team overheard them “strenuously disagreeing” (read: straight up Mortal Kombat fighting) in their dressing room. It was evident that in the moment, they absolutely despised one another.

But here’s the thing.

On set, they were absolute gems. They nailed performances in one take. They laughed. And joked. They brought incredible energy to the set. And if you didn’t know better you would have sworn they were the best of friends.

See, pros:

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