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Everything I Hold Dear I Owe To Cadbury.

The Cadbury Bicycle Factory initiative began in 2008 to support children in Ghana, one of Cadbury’s primary cocoa producing regions. And in 2011 I suggested we take Universal recording artists San Sebastian to help pass them out as part of a brand partnership between Cadbury and Much.

Little did I know, this trip would be the single greatest turning point of my life.

This is where I met Danielle. She was covering the initiative for etalk. We worked in the same building for five whole years and our offices were just 62 steps apart, but we had never spoken. And so her very professional crew, any my very motley one, boarded a series of planes and flew across the country, so that we could fall in love.

We were married years later. And now have two beautiful children. She jokes that it was the Malaria drugs, but I think it was this move by the pool that made her fall in love:

Oh, and we made some rad content:

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